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・2016/10/13 New

We are participating TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016.


Review on our exhibition at the 3331 gallery and Shiga Kogen Roman Museum is up!


Mimi no nai Mausu is participating the group show "Touch with Skin - The inherent feel" at Shiga Kogen Roman Museum in Nagano. 2016/7/24(Mon) - 2016/10/10(Sun)


Solo show "Which one is in the box?" is held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. 2016/5/19(Thu) - 2016/5/29(Sun)


Exhibition Review

3331 gallery

/ Shiga Kogen Roman Museum

Which one is in the box?

2016 Solo Exhibition / Team


2016 Solo Exhibition / Team

Shifting Self

2016 Solo Exhibition / Team

When have we lost our perspective?

2016 Solo Work / Kazuaki Ishii

Headless Mouth does not talk

2015 Exhibition / Team


A group called "Earless Mouse/Mouth (mimi no nai mausu)" of five members with different backgrounds and professions.
We were formed at 3331α Art Hack Day 2015 which was held in August 2015.

  • August 2015

    3331α Art Hack Day 2015

    The team was formed at an Art Hackathon "3331α Art Hack Day 2015". 50 selected artists and engineers were gathered for this event which encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration to produce a work of art in 3 days.

  • September 2015

    3331α Art Hack Day Exhibition

    「Headless Mouth does not talk」

    "Headless mouth dose not talk" received a judge, Masato Nakamura Award at "3331α Art Hack Day 2015". The work amputates head, mouth, ear and nose from "face" and then reassembled as "face-like" thing.

  • May 2016

    First Solo Exhibition

    「Which one is in the box?」

    Their first solo show as a team "Which one is in the box?" at 3331 Arts Chiyoda was their attempt to point out the other direction to our visual and sign driven reality.

  • July 2016


    「Touch with Skin -The inherent feel」

    A part of the show "Which one is in the box?" is included in the group show "Touch with Skin -The inherent feel" at Shiga Kogen Roman Museum in Nagano.

  • October 2016



    "Snail" and "Which one is in the box?" are installed in a vacant office building (Sasaki building which is waiting to be demolished after the event) as part of Trans Arts Tokyo 2016.


Chika Matsuda

Contemporary Artist

Issey Ishikura


Kazuaki Ishii

Technical Director

Mamoru Murakami


Miwo Amemiya



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